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Aurélien Petit was born in 1988. He started photography as a child, while playing around with his cat. He was using it as a model, putting it in different positions, and adding accessories to make poetic pictures. Aurélien has been playing the violin since he was six years old, attending Nantes’ conservatory of music. There, he had the chance to study music theory, and to play within an orchestra. Being brought up to a family of musicians, he grew a strong sensibility to music and art.

He decided to dedicate himself to photography and video after discovering the works of his grandfather’s cousin, who was an officer in the French Navy during the 1950s. The pictures include, among others, amazing portraits and landscape from Africa, Asia and America.

After receiving a two-year degree in video, Aurélien decided to travel around ten countries in Europe. He travelled alone, without any money. He simply had a hammock to sleep in, up in the trees, or on the beach. The idea of this trip was to meet people and to make pictures with his camera : a Praktica. 

In 2011, a selection of his pictures were selected for an exhibition in Paris at "Le Grand Palais", for the "SFR Jeune Talents Paris Photo" (SFR young talents program). He then began to work on a new project : six documentaries about the Franciscans around the world. He received for this project in 2011 the grant "Brouillon d'un rêve journalistique" from the S.C.A.M. ​It was the opportunity for Aurélien to travel beyond Europe: the United-States, Africa, South-east Asia and the Middle-east. While traveling, he took many pictures to describe the life he saw, and everything that impressed him.

In an other way, he works for advertisment and fashion projects, like TWIN, VOGUE or PURPLE as director, editor or director of photography. He is also involved in musical projects as director, especially classical music for captation (Verbier festival, La Roque d'Anthéron Piano festival). 

He has been invited as an artist in residence at La Métive in France, in october 2013, for his new documentary "Moi, président de la République...Sempéenne". Furtheremore, his first personal exhibition is the 1st and 2nd of february 2014 at "le Salon des Cultures Centrales", (Espace des Blancs-Manteaux, PARIS IVe). 

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